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which temperature logger is affordable


The highly accurate CSL-T0.5 loggers are uniquely designed to offer fast, accurate, and reliable temperature measurements for scientific and industrial applications. It is the most affordable feature-rich temperature logger in the market.

Thermochron Temperature Loggers – Temperature matters

The eTemperature software supplied with the reader downloads the temperature data from the Thermochron and presents it as both a spreadsheet of the logged times and temperatures, and a graph. The graph makes it easy to spot abnormal temperature spikes. The Thermochron reader connects directly to the USB port of your computer.

TC-4 PLUS: Thermocouple Amplifier, 4-Channel - Innovate …

Temperature Range: 32-1999 Deg. F.; 0-1093 Deg. C. Qty. Add to Cart. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . ... PL-1: Pocket Logger Kit, Innovate MTS, Includes SD Memory Card. $94.16. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. TC-4 PLUS Thermocouple Amplifier Bundle with (4) EGT Probes. $468.50. Add to Cart.

Low-Cost Data Loggers for Any Application – CAS DataLoggers

Low-cost data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and more. USB, Bluetooth and WiFi models, battery powered, with or without display – ideal for cost sensitive applications. Read More…. Showing all 38 results.

What to Consider When Choosing a Passive Temperature Logger

May 18, 2021· Some temperature loggers take several minutes to set up, and other loggers are ready to go within seconds. Additionally, consider what data will be accessible from reading the logger. ... Blulog's variety of temperature data loggers are guaranteed to meet all of your needs in an affordable, easy to use, and technologically advanced format.

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Data Acquisition Products for ANY Application and Budget

DATAQ Instruments offers data logger products for any application and budget. From simple temperature and humidity monitoring to complex mixed measurement applications, we have affordable data logger product solutions that fit your most unique and ambitious requirements. Our products support WiFi, hard-wired Ethernet, and USB interfaces.

Temperature Data Logger - Wireless Recorder | Smashtag Ltd

We believe that the future of temperature loggers is for them to be wirelessly connectable. If you want to know more about our Smashtag temperature data logger, you can send us your enquiries, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will get back to you at a moment's notice. You can reach Smashtag Ltd today by dialling 01223 881 881.

Temperature Data Loggers | Supply Chain Management - CAPLINQ

You handle Cold, frozen or dry ice supply chains? We have specially designed monitoring devices for each case. Different kinds of devices can measure temperature, humidity, …

Data logger sets for temperature, pressure and humidity. - ebro

Data logger sets – the affordable and effective complete solution. Data loggers from ebro ® are used wherever measurements must be performed not just setively, but constantly. In the process, all data can be saved and can be processed, analysed and prepared graphically using suitable analysis software. The parameters measured include, for ...

Jual Temperature Logger Terbaik - Harga Murah Agustus 2023

Daftar Harga temperature logger Terbaru Agustus 2023. Harga Single Use Temperature Data Logger Disposable USB Logger Suhu TempU05. Rp135.000. Harga Elitech RC4 RC-4 RC5 RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger Monitor Humidity. Rp195.000. Harga RC-5 Elitech Data Logger Temperature RC-5 Thermometer USB Suhu Loger.

HOBO Water Temperature Pro v2 Data Logger - onsetcomp

HOBO Water Level Data Logger. A low-cost, research-grade data logger for continuous monitoring of water level and temperature at depths of up to 13, 30, or 100 feet in a wide …

Affordable temperature monitoring for fresh or salt water

• Research-grade measurements at an affordable price • Waterproof to 120 meters (400 feet) • Data readout in less than 30 seconds via fast Optic USB interface The HOBO Water Temp Pro v2 data logger features 12-bit resolution and a precision sensor for ±0.2°C accuracy over a wide temperature range. Designed with a durable

U11# USB Temperature Data Logger – Haswill …

Haswill U114 USB temperature logger with IP65 waterproof benefit Haswill the U114 temperature logger range from -20 degrees to 60 Celsius Degree, U115 from -30 to 70 °C. ... and the price is affordable; The …

Cleaning Verification - TempaChek-DL - Healthmark …

May 5, 2022· Product Description. Graph the Complete Temperature Profile of the Automated Washer with TempaChek™-DL : TempaChek™-DL data logger is the first affordable device that is capable of …

Why You Should Choose NFC for Your Next Temperature Logger

Mar 29, 2021· The growing necessity for temperature data loggers has become more apparent as industries benefit from an accurate monitoring of their products. The Blulog NFC temperature data logger is reliable and affordable, making it the best product for any customer requiring simple temperature visibility to advance their business.

Enterprise Temperature and Humidity Data Logger | ACL Solutions

We've developed small, durable sensors that can be placed anywhere to log temperature and humidity data. Receive alerts over text and email with a sophisticated escalation system. Access your data on the web anytime to look at trends and run reports. Never worry about a regulatory audit again: our product meets data integrity and reliability ...

Low Temperature Loggers | Global Sensors

Low Temperature Loggers. Enhance the reliability of your supply chain with our low temperature loggers. At Global Sensors, our low temperature loggers are accurate, affordable, and ready to ship. Tracking the temperature of your supply chain, especially at colder temperatures, is a critical part of maintaining your operations. Confidently track ...

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers | Engineering

Compact Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers. OM-90 Series data loggers offer accurate and repeatable logging for temperature and relative humidity. …

Temperature data logger for temperature control | Testo SA

Temperature data loggers are used for temperature and humidity monitoring and are above all employed in the industrial sector, where temperature and humidity play a major role. In this respect, a distinction is made between single-use instruments and long-term monitoring instruments. The single-use instruments are mainly used to record values ...

most affordable datalogger manufacturer

High temperature data loggers featuring a combination of either two remote temperature probes or one ambient and one remote temperature probe . Starting at $779.00. Data …

Miniature low cost data loggers - AQUAMERIK

The multi sensors T-RodX data logger allows to take temperature measures at different depths simultaneously with 4 (by default) or 6 loggers (on demand). The standard T-RodX includes 4 or 6 data loggers (available w/ or w/out cable), with WiFi communication. iButton Used for temperature measures out of the water.

WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Station | Spectrum Technologies

Affordable and versatile. The cost-effective choice for recording multiple environmental conditions; Internal sensors can include temperature and humidity; With up to 4 external ... and other weather events with our WatchDog data loggers, which ranges from stand-alone units to full weather stations. Comprehensive software allows users to graph ...

Simple investigations of local microclimates using an …

microclimates using an affordable USB temperature logger Figure 1. The temperature logger as supplied (top) showing the ventilation hole in the top right corner, and with casing removed (bottom): scale in mm. Figure 2. Temperature traces from three loggers over the period 19–22 February 2014, with times in UTC. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 1313 19 ...

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers | Engineering

Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers with Display. The OM-70 Series of NOMAD portable temperature and humidity data loggers can be used for a wide range of monitoring and logging applications. Plug into USB for PDF report. View Specs. See More Items from this Family (4)

The 5 Best Air Quality Monitors of 2023 - Treehugger

Jun 7, 2023· The Temtop M10 Professional Air Quality Monitor is a great option for quality and ease of use on a budget. For under $100, this monitor reports particulate matter as small as 2.5 microns (PM2.5 ...

Temperature Data Loggers | EasyLog - Lascar Etronics Ltd

EasyLog | EL-USB-1-LCD. USB Temperature Data Logger with Display. Temperature. The EL-USB-1-LCD is a temperature USB data logger with an LCD display. This standalone temperature USB data logger with display measures more than 16,000 readings over a -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°­­F) range. View.